The company

The company Anastasios G. Pantelakos, founded in 1955 from GEORGIOS Α. PANTELAKOS, with the brand name ¨G. PANTELAKOS BROS S.A¨ and operates in the timber sector, with its main activity, the Greek timber trade.

In 1964, due to the increasing demands of trade, the company starts importing timber from countries in Europe, America and Africa.

In 2008, a new company is founded, with the brand name ANASTASIOS G. PANTELAKOS, with Headquarters in Acharnai/Attiki, with the discreet title «PANWOOD 1955»*.

Αnastasios G. Pantelakos, with his specialized and highly technical knowledge in the structure of wood, its properties and capabilities as furniture hardware and building materials, expanding the company's activities, in wood processing (cutting, stapling, glueing), investing in equipment, but also in decoration, with the art of marquetry.

In 2014, the company, started importing veneer also from Asia.

¨panwood1955¨, ANASTASIOS G. PANTELAKOS, remains a small family business, to have the luxuriousness to come in contact with the technical potential and also with partner managers.

* Our title………….PANWOOD 1955: PANtelakos Georgios, founder of the company WOOD, in the year 1955.