the history

GEORGIOS Α. PANTELAKOS, borned in Mani, came in contact with the nature of his first steps, following his father, ANASTASTIOS G. PANTELAKOS in logging of Greek walnut.

In 1955, establishes the company, ¨G. PANTELAKOS BROTHERS S.A¨, in Peisistratou 7 road and Konstantinoupoleos in Athens, with main objective, trade domestic wood.
He continues, practicing the job of logger, untill 1957.

Driven by the hard job and his love for timber, in 1964, starts the import of bulls, and timber, from countries like America, Africa and Europe.

In 1965, due to the necessity of more storage space, the company moves to Nestoros 8 Street.

With slow and steady steps, Georgios A. Pantelakos travels in many countries, several times, always with the full support of his wife Emilia, to find not only the quality but also partners who would approach his constant values , which he would bequeath to Anastasios Pantelakos.

In 1973, Anastasios Pantelakos, shyly starts training in the timber sector, driven by his father Georgios.

After graduating high school Anastasios enters the Higher Commercial of Piraeus, but he is totally given to wood trade after the completion of his studies.

In December of 1997, Georgios Α. Pantelakos, passes away.

Anastasios Pantelakos, 3rd generation in timber sector makes a new beginning in 2008 and moves to his own place in Acharnai/Attiki where his son Georgios gradually enters to the company, he continues to import timber and until today he deals with the same suppliers, that his father Georgios Pantelakos, chosen, and invested in machinery for the processing of bulls and timber.

Si skopein, opos efamillos genisei tois tou patros epitidevmasin - (Isocrates)

You need to consider how to become worthy for the achievements of your father - (Isocrates)